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Would a Biden administration be good or bad for the cruise industry

Joe Biden

Ok, before my friends get mad at me, I’m not saying the election is a done deal! What I am saying is IF Joe Biden ends up being the President, how will a Biden administration affect the cruise and travel industry?

A rare photo with me wearing glasses.

As you may recall, on June 4, 2019, the Trump administration banned cruises to Cuba: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cuba-usa-idUSKCN1T520P. I won’t argue the logic for doing so, but I would love to go to Cuba just to see those classic cars driving all over the place!

My late father-in-law would love it!

Even if Biden reverses the Trump Cuba ban, I feel that a possible Biden administration could really hurt the cruise and travel industry.

We all know that Joe Biden is ready to shut the economy down again if COVID comes back hard. That means that Americans won’t have extra money to travel. In addition, his insistence of wearing masks could be a negative signal for those who are weary of COVID.

Recent news reports talking about COVID cases on a Caribbean cruise ship only reinforces the narrative that cruising may be unsafe unless masks are worn.


If Biden shuts down the economy, it would send a clear message of fear, death and destruction to the entire world. Biden’s CDC would probably extend the cruise “no-sail order” and possibly cripple the cruise industry indefinitely. Fortunately, Vice President Pence recently pushed back against the CDC from extending the cruise no-sail order!

In addition, the Biden administration could restrict Americans from traveling to or returning from overseas vacations.

Stay Healthy!

I believe it’s important, that no matter who is our President in 2021, that all of us do our best to stay healthy, especially during this holiday season. The sooner we get COVID behind us, we will be one step closer to walking on to the gangway of our favorite cruise ship!

The Cruise Genius at TRS Coral near Cancun

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