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The most annoying things cruise passengers do

The smiles of Holland America Line

We’ve all read stories about what frustrates cruise passengers. Deck chair hogs, unaccompanied kids running wild, and loud, drunk, unruly cruisers. Here’s an interesting story from BusinessInsider.com that discusses the annoying things that cruise passengers do from the cruise worker perspective!

While I’ve never worked on a cruise ship, (I did audition to be a cruise director with Holland America Line, and I’m still available!), I would guess they would say the following:

Leaving cabins a mess

Have you ever walked by a cabin with the door open? Were you shocked to see that it looked like a Cat 5 hurricane hit it? I would imagine that cruise line workers are saddened that passengers trash their rooms like a rock star staying at the Ritz-Carlton!

Messy kids

How many times have you seen parents and kids sitting on the Lido deck eating a meal. The parents laugh when little Timmy spills his milk, or little Brittany takes only one bite of her reuben sandwich only to hear, “I’m full!!!!” Some parents seem to get a kick out of their kids running down those long halls or leaving dirty plates outside their cabin doors! I can only guess that cruise staff just shake their heads seeing all this bad behavior.

Long line at Guest Services

You know it, I know it, and the America people know it, (quote from Bob Dole). When you see that long line at guest services the night before you return to port, passengers are removing their tips from their onboard account! I’ve said it 100 times, if you can’t afford the tips, then stay home! These hardworking cruise employees work long hours to provide us a great vacation experience! That’s why I hand my cabin steward a crisp $50 bill the first time I see him, (or her), just to let them know I’m not a cheapskate! Of course I don’t remove the automatic tips! The crew deserves every penny, and more!

Click on the link below for the BusinessInsider.com story and be sure to email me at slara1961@ gmail.com to book your next cruise!


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