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Top 3 cruise mistakes to avoid

Approximately 10% of Americans have cruised. It’s imperative that those of us who are cruise pros share our experiences so that others don’t repeat our mistakes! Here are my top 3 cruise mistakes that I know my friends have experienced and I wanted to share them with you.

Travel Insurance

Many people don’t buy travel insurance because they don’t believe anything bad will happen to them. How many times have you read in the media that airports have been snowed in and flights have been cancelled? How about luggage that doesn’t make it to final destination? In rare cases, someone may fall ill on a cruise and have to be helicoptered off the ship to receive medical attention! I’ve always encouraged my travel agent clients to purchase travel insurance to provide peace of mind just in case something bad happens on your cruise vacation.

Unrealistic Expectations

What are you expecting during your cruise vacation? A large, spacious cabin? No lines at the buffet? No deck chair hogs? Free upgrades? It’s a good idea to have realistic expectations for your cruise. Depending on what time you arrive at the cruise port, you may walk right on the ship, or you may be stuck behind 100 passengers waiting to board. Are you expecting 5-star food but you are on a 2-star ship according to review sites? Do you expect to be treated like a movie star, but you’ve booked the least expensive cabin on the ship? As I’ve said in a previous post, a very close friend of mine has a saying, “You don’t always get what you pay for, but don’t expect something that you didn’t pay for!” Don’t make the mistake of having unrealistic expectations on your cruise.


The number 1 mistake you can make is overpacking. I’ve sailed on over 30 cruises and I’m still guilty of overpacking! It doesn’t matter if it’s a 3 day cruise or a 14 day cruise, I  haven’t mastered how to pack for a cruise! Click on the article below from TripSavvy.com to help you avoid overpacking.


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