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Day 4 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise #AmberCove

Marty and I have visited Amber Cove 3 times in the past and it’s one of our favorite ports of call.

Once again we hit the gym early and then headed to the Lido buffet. To save a few dollars, I grabbed a couple of wrapped chicken salad sandwiches and put them in our beach bag for a snack later on!

We docked ahead of schedule at 7:00 am and I gently reminded Marty that I wanted to get off the Nieuw Amsterdam quickly to get two great lounge chairs in the shade near the bathrooms.

As we were making our way downstairs, Andy the cruise director announced that we couldn’t leave the ship safely as the Carnival Sunshine was on her approach to the pier.

Two things came to mind:

1. The first time we visited Amber Cove we were on the Sunshine.

2. There will be lots of families with kids on the Sunshine and they will be racing ahead to the pool area!

As soon as we got the green light to leave the ship, we quickly headed to our perfect spot!

Within 20 minutes, literally hundreds of families with hundreds of kids of all ages descended on Amber Cove.

It always amazes me how many parents pull their kids out of school to go on a cruise, and please don’t say they are all homeschooled!

Anyway, it was great seeing lots of people zip lining over the pool and that so many people were happy.

I did find a coffee shop in the Welcome Center named Cafe El Cibao. For the price of a mocha coffee, I was able to get connected and do a Facebook Live video on their wi-fi.

I walked back over to Marty, we enjoyed our chicken salad sandwiches and then strolled back to the ship around 1 p.m. as it slowly started to rain.

By the time we walked 10 minutes back to the Nieuw Amsterdam we were hungry again and headed up to the Lido deck.

We enjoyed an amazing dinner in the Main Dining Room later that night around 6 p.m. After dinner we quickly stuck our head in the Main Show Lounge. The BBC Earth program was ok, and lots of people were watching it, but we headed back to the cabin to get some rest for the SeaDay on Day 5.

I started missing my 3 month old grandson Reed.

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