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Carnival Cruise Comedian Manny Oliveira

Comedian Manny Oliveira

I’ve been on many Carnival cruises and and I do make it a point to go to the PG-rated comedy shows. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the shows until……

This past weekend I sailed on the Carnival Fascination with some friends and we went to two of Manny Oliveira’s PG-rated shows.

I understand that comedy can mean different things to different people, but it seemed that all Manny could do was to walk into the audience and insult the guests, including kids. I walked out of both shows before they ended because I just couldn’t stomach his insults any longer.

I guess if his reviews were so bad, Carnival wouldn’t keep signing him, but for me, I’ll never step into a comedy club where he is performing.

I would appreciate your thoughts in the comment section if you have been to one of his shows.

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  1. Dorothy Cappadona

    I recently was on carnival spirit and Manny Oliveira was performing. I could not believe how rude he was and I would never go to any of his shows in the future.

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