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Best Cruise Tip when sharing a cabin with friends!

Here’s the deal.

When you are sharing a cabin with friends, you value your privacy. You also want to be considerate of them!

You will thank me for this tip for years to come.

We all know that the shower in your cabin is small. Yeah, we all can’t afford the Captain’s Suite on the Carnival Sunshine, but this hack is priceless!

Head up to the spa/gym!


Ask the attendant for a locker key to secure your valuables!


Go ahead and hit the gym! Lots of excerise machines to start your day right!


Grab a towel (or two, but bring the small washcloth from your cabin before you head to the gym.)


Lots of room to shave!


The bathrooms in the spa/gym are much larger than those in your cabin!!!


Head to the spacious shower!

I know what you’re going to say. That’s a picture of the handicapped-equipped shower so reserve that for handicapped people.

Ok, got it. There are also very large showers that aren’t handicapped-equipped.

You have much more room to freshen up in the gym/spa area of the ship instead of using that small shower in your cabin and if you work out first, you will return home as a cruise passenger instead of cruise cargo!

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