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Top 4 items you must have in your cruise carry on luggage!

Several years ago, a very close friend of mine came down with the dreaded norovirus.

Courtesy of Science Nordic. This is not my friend!

He was quarantined to his cabin for a few days, unable to enjoy his TransAtlantic cruise back to the good ole U.S. of A!

Here’s the dealio: You will save aggravation and a lot of money by purchasing the following 4 items BEFORE you leave on your ocean going cruise vacation!

Head over to the Dollar Store, Target or WalMart for the best prices.

Each of these items are inexpensive (go ahead and guess the price like on The Price is Right!)

If you get the norovirus, well, enough said. You will have diarrhea big time. Purchase it before your cruise because it’s not cheap on board the ship!


Pepto will ease that queezy feeling in your stomach that you get from seasickness or noro! (Get the Cherry Flavor! Tastes better than original flavor!!!!)

Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) will help with body aches and pain!

Ok, sunscreen has nothing to do with the norovirus, but keep in mind that if you’re from up North (shoutout to my hometown of Aurora, Illinois) and you don’t get much sun, once you hit Half Moon Cay, Bonaire, Aruba or Curaçao, the sun will scortch your skin like never before! The last thing you want is little Timmy or Brittany screaming in pain from 3rd degree sunburn. Be careful when you are taking in the sun on the Lido deck, fall asleep on your deck chair for a brief 4 hour nap, then boom, you’ve just become a lobster!

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