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Theme cruises rock!

Elvis is on the ship!

Even if a cruise isn’t a full ship charter (Cruising With The King), a theme cruise is unlike any other!

People from all over the world are on the cruise for one reason; the music!

I remember sitting alone at a table on the Lido deck near the buffet on The Groove Cruise.

A guy walks up with a strong accent and says, “Can I sit here?” I said “Sure man, where are you from?” “I am Carlos from Brazil.” 30 seconds later another guy walks up and says, Hey, can I join you” (with tray of food in hand). We both said, “Yeah, where you from?” “My name is Nidal from Paris.” Then I said, “Wow, I’m from Jacksonville, Fl. You guys came all the way to Miami to sail on The Groove Cruise? Why?” Both said in unison, “THE MUSIC!”

That’s why Cruising With The King is a cruise unlike any other! The music, the costumes, the dance moves and meeting other Elvis fans!

Watch the video below for details, and go to https://cruisingwiththeking.com/ for details!

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