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Are all inclusives really all inclusive?

We all know that cruises aren’t all-inclusive. Alcohol, photos, specialty restaurants are all extra cost, but when you go to an all-inclusive, you don’t expect to have to pull out your wallet!

I just read an article from Oyster.com that offers 6 questions that vacationers should ask when checking in to an all-inclusive resort:

“Seasoned travelers with more than a few all-inclusive stays under their belt know that quality can vary from resort to resort. Take Punta Cana, a gorgeous stretch of prime beaches and plenty of all-inclusive properties, for example. While many of the resorts here have similar concepts and designs, differences tend to sneak up that may not be communicated during the booking process. And the bigger the resort, the harder it may be to snag a staff member to chat with, especially with substantial lines at the front desk. That’s why the check-in process is the best opportunity to get things straight. Here are six things to ask for at the very onset of your vacation.”

1. Do we need to make reservations for the restaurants (and is there a dress code?)

“Nothing is more frustrating than being told you can’t get a table at an all-inclusive resort’s restaurant because you don’t have a reservation. Many high-end resorts like Excellence Playa Mujeres, which features nine gourmet restaurants, don’t require dinner reservations, but not all operate the same way. Some resorts not only make reservations mandatory, but demand a strict morning time for bookings; at other resorts, you’ll need to book on arrival or even occasionally in advance of your stay. Even worse, there may be a limit to how many reservations you can have per stay, leaving you with no other option than to hit the buffet on many nights. On the bright side, some resorts may assign butler service to assist with the reservation process. This is why it’s best to get the scoop early on. And while on the topic, ask if there’s a dress code, too. It’s also worth checking if any of the a la carte restaurants incur extra fees; in some cases, there may be a charge just to dine at the restaurant, while other a la cartes may charge extra for certain drinks or dishes, such as nice wines and lobster.”

To see the other 5 questions you need to ask at check-in at your all-inclusive resort, click the link below:


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