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The Dollar Shave Club raises prices

The Dollar Shave Club

I’ve been a member of, “The Dollar Shave Club” for several years, and they just announced they are raising prices. I’m sure the price of steel has increased, and I do understand prices go up.

Here’s the email I received from the Dollar Shave Club, and yes, I’m continuing my membership!

“We’re emailing to let you know that as of February 7, 2019, we will be increasing the price of each 4X cassette by $1. You are currently receiving these cassettes on a 2 month basis. We believe in being totally transparent with our Members, even if it means delivering some tough news.

We know. It’s a bummer. We don’t want to do it.

Since we began the Club in 2012, costs on our end have steadily risen and we have done everything in our power to make sure that our prices have remained the same. In order for us to continue to deliver high-quality blades directly to your door, your new cost per cassette of 4X blades will be $7 (plus applicable sales tax) as of February 7th.

As always, you have the option to stop your Membership at any time via the Membership Settings link located on your Account Page. You can also reply to this email to stop your Membership, but to avoid a charge to your account, the cancellation request must be submitted at least one full business day prior to your next ship date.

We do hope you’ll stick with us, as we continue to evolve our service, dedicated to making you look, smell and feel your best with our world-class grooming products.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to help.

DSC Club Pros “

I really enjoy the convenience of, “The Dollar Shave Club” and I appreciate the way they informed me of the price increase.

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