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Celebrity Solstice avoids hitting a small rubber boat

From Speed 2

We all remember the scenes from the movies CaddyShack and Speed 2 where large boats hit smaller watercraft!

According to the DailyMail,  “A rubber dinghy has narrowly avoided an incredibly close collision with a 122,000-tonne cruise ship, thanks to the quick-thinking captain of the huge vessel.

The ship was forced to abruptly switch its course in order to dodge the inflatable, which was floating in the Tauranga Harbour, in New Zealand, in December last year.

Four people were on board the dinghy, which is thought to have suffered engine failure, when the near-fatal accident almost occurred.”

Speaking as a U.S. Navy veteran, it always surprises me when sailing out of Port Everglades and other ports, that so many jet skis and small boats try to get as close to the cruise ship as possible.

In this case, the dinghy was disabled, however port authority/coast guard boats should have helped this vessel long before the cruise ship sailed.

Click on the link below for the full story.


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