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The Cruise Genius on WJXT talking about Carnival Room Service changes

The Cruise Genius!

I always appreciate the opportunity to promote cruise vacations on local tv and radio stations, but I had to express my concern about Carnival’s room service changes Thursday morning on WJXT Channel 4 here in Jacksonville.

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“Air Sea Travel agent, Scott Lara, says his clients have been calling about the policy change and if changes like this one continue, it may hurt the cruise industry.

“In the 15 years that I’ve been a travel agent, I’ve never seen the outcry from cruise passengers regarding policy more than this one,” said Lara.

The cost of room service is under new format and will cost between $2 and $6 per item. Carnival noted the change brings them in line with other large cruise operators.

Lara says this is not the first change, it is one of many.

“Taking away table cloths, higher price for tips… all of these changes are now putting a lot of pressure on cruisers,” said Lara. “And they’re tired of it.”

Carnival has also revealed it will increase the price for its unlimited soda program, Bottomless Bubbles. New prices are $5.95 per day for kids and $8.50 for adults.

The line’s Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador, John Heald said one of the goals over the last several years has been to bring more complimentary food options to the menu. They are also hoping to cut down on food waste.”

In my opinion, I don’t think Carnival is making this change due to “food waste” or dirty trays in the hallway. I think that accountants in a 100 floor office somewhere in South Florida looked at the numbers and say, “Hey, we’ve spent billions on new ships with a trampoline! We’ve gotta save some pennies here!”

For years, I’ve been happy to promote the cruise industry. 2018 was my best year selling Carnival cruises.

The problem is that I’m seeing a trend and I don’t like it.

Mark my words, long-time Carnival guests are going to start looking at other vacation options, specifically, all-inclusive land resort vacations in Mexico, Jamaica and Punta Cana.

The millions of people who haven’t cruise yet will never know the difference of all the cutbacks, but the millions of us who have been loyal for years are feeling it and will vote with our wallets.

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