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The cruise experience has changed forever.

For over 15 years, I’ve enjoyed sharing my passion of cruising with my family, friends and audience on social media.

With over 4000 followers on Twitter and over 600,000 views on my YouTube channel, I’ve tried to tell people that the cruise vacation is an experience like no other.

Recently, Senior Cruise Director and Carnival Brand Ambassador John Heald announced that Carnival is doing away with free room service, (continental breakfast is still free.)

If this policy change was an isolated incident, I wouldn’t be upset, however, over the last 12 months, Carnival has made lots of changes.

Cruise Radio has a post about 15 changes in 2018:


The fact of the matter is that travel agents, like myself, have to show our current and potential clients that cruise vacations are more affordable than traditional land-based vacations.

Yeah, all the new ships with all the bells and whistles (and trampolines) are a way to get people who have never cruised before on board a ship.

We all know that once a person takes their first cruise, they’ll be hooked for life.

My concern is that the hundreds of thousands of people who are repeat cruisers will finally get fed up with all the cutbacks and start booking all-inclusive resort vacations.

I’ve seen this first-hand in the travel agency I manage.

All-inclusive resorts (for the most part) include all meals, liquor, soda, bottled water and room service!

I will continue to cruise and I will share my love of cruising with my audience, but mark my words; the cutbacks have already started, they will continue, and long-time cruise passengers will start spending their vacation dollars elsewhere.




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