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Should you take your baby (or grandbaby) on a cruise vacation?

At SeaWorld with my grandson @TheCruiseKid

As you may know, I’m the proud “Pop Pop” of #BabyReed aka #TheCruiseKid.

You can see lots of pictures of him on my Instagram @scottlara1961.

I’ve been talking to my daughter and son-in-law about the timing of taking him on his first cruise vacation (and yes, he will be Platinum by age 10!)

From my point of view, I would prefer to start taking him on cruises when he is about 5 or 6 years old.

Fortunately, he lives about an hour away from Port Canaveral and 90 minutes from me here in Jacksonville, Fl. where the Carnival Elation is homeported!

My guess is he would have more fun and remember the vacation when he is older versus taking him sooner and not even enjoying himself!

Probably would be happier on the Lido deck!

My wife and I have over 150 days on Holland America Line (see my recent post regarding military discounts) and can tell you first hand that when someone brings a baby into the main dining room (especially on formal night), every eye will stare at the mother with the look, (“if that brat starts crying!”).

You know that look!

Elliott.org has a great article discussing the issue of bringing a baby on a cruise that I found to be compelling.

While many parents would love to take #BabyTimmy, #BabyAtlas or #BabyHolly on a cruise, you may want to rethink that plan!

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  1. I’d do a lot of research before taking a baby on a cruise or even a young child. If I did take a baby on a cruise, I’d take along some willing extended family members to help take care of them with someone designated to be having room service with the baby at dinner and someone who was willing to stay in the cabin with the baby at bedtime. OTOH, cruise vacations can be wonderful with older children. One of our favorite family vacations was a 10 person extended family Celebrity Alaska cruise. We ranged in age from 13 to a very spry 90.

  2. My husband and I love cruising and are very loyal to Viking – one reason is because they don’t allow kids under 16! I would think a Disney cruise would be great with little kids or grandkids, and hope to test that out when I have grandkids!

  3. Take your baby (grandbaby) everywhere. We starting travelling with our children before they were born (one was born overseas) and we loved it. People are great with babies. They always love them – well maybe not in first class but who wants to be at the pointy end anyway.

  4. We have only taken one cruise, which was on the Oasis of the Seas. While this was touted as family friendly, I don’t believe they expected to be entertaining babies. Your article makes a good point about possibly leaving the baby out of a cruise vacation.

  5. Thx for the interesting post. Not having any children or grandchildren, I don’t think I’ll be taking any babies on a cruise. But I’m glad to hear your perspective. I think I’M up for another cruise! 🙂

  6. Maybe I’m too far away from my parenting days but taking a baby involves carrying lots of baby paraphernalia. Must be tough!

  7. Honestly, it would never occur to me to take a child under about 10 on a cruise. One, they can’t appreciate it. Two, I want to enjoy the cruise myself, not spend all my time chasing them.

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