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Cruise lines that offer military discounts

The Cruise Genius at sea in 1982.

Speaking as a U.S. Navy veteran, I feel a deep sense of pride when veterans like myself are honored during sporting events.

In the past, I’ve attended Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Cubs games and sometime during the game, veterans and current members of the military will be asked to stand to be honored by the fans.

The beautiful and talented Jaime Dee

Legendary former Carnival cruise director Jaime Dee created the military appreciation gathering on Carnival cruise line which has become an amazing feature of each Carnival cruise. In addition to members of the military like myself and family members attending, other guests (civilians) fill the venue and applaud the military!

Carnival honoring the military!

Speaking as a travel agent, I deeply appreciate Carnival being relatively consistent in offering a military discount on their cruises through travel agents like myself.

I also want to send a message to the other cruise lines.

If you’re not consistently offering a military discount to current members of the military and veterans, why not?

Why is it left to the big online cruise travel sellers to offer military discounts when travel agents like myself can’t offer those same discounts?

With over 150 days (3-star Mariner) on Holland America Line, I would encourage them to rethink their military discount policy and I encourage all cruise lines to follow Carnival’s lead.

Click on the link below for more info about military cruise discounts, and a special salute to MSC cruises for honoring their military guests with consistent discounts.



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