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My top 5 Hurricane Irma Tips!

As you may know, I live in Jacksonville, Florida and I love it.

Pretty good weather year round, nice beaches and of course a close drive to various cruise ports!

My heart goes out to those Caribbean islands that have been destroyed by Hurricane Irma, yet now we in Florida are about to potentially feel her wrath.

Here are my top 5 tips for dealing with Irma that you won’t get anywhere else:

1. Get lots of ice!

You will lose power and when you do, you want to keep your refridgerated items cold to prevent spoilage. A close friend of mine let me borrow his Coleman Extreme Marine cooler. I went to the Twice Your Ice place over at the Town and Country Shopping Center off of University Blvd and filled it up! Cheap ice, but bring lots of quarters!


2. Keep refrigerator doors closed!

As soon as you lose power, you will have the urge to open the door every five minutes! Keep them closed to preserve the cold air in the fridge! Also, two days prior to you believing you will lose power, turn the thermostat in the fridge to the coldest setting on freezer and on the fresh food side! Get a head start on cooling down your fridge, and your valuable food.


3. Make sure your cell phone and other devices are fully charged!

I can’t stand not knowing what’s going on, so make sure you’re powered up. If you have a car cigarette lighter charger, you can power back up using that, but you will use gas and you will get wet running out to the car!

4. Avoid the snacks and soda.

I get it, you snack during a storm, but you won’t be happy a couple days later when you step on the scale!


5. Turn your air conditioning to the coldest setting hours before you expect to lose power.

Once it starts getting hot outside, you will enjoy cooler inside room temps longer than you would have if you had not cranked it down before you lost power. Turn your ac down low, low, low , low!!!!

Many thanks to our Governor and fellow Navy Veteran Rick Scott for his amazing leadership during this hurricane (serious face their Marco!)










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