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Is a COVID passport coming soon?

United States Passport

Bloomberg and other media outlets are reporting that a so-called “Covid passport” may be in the works.

“Global airline lobby IATA is working on a mobile app that will help travelers demonstrate their coronavirus-free status, joining a push to introduce so-called Covid passports to speed up the revival of international travel.

The Travel Pass will display test results together with proof of inoculation, as well as listing national entry rules and details on the nearest labs, according to the International Air Transport Association. The app will also link to an electronic copy of the holder’s passport to prove their identity.”

Full Bloomberg story here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-23/airline-lobby-is-building-a-covid-travel-pass-to-spur-flights?fbclid=IwAR0wrYSRF_gzoi5VEnIY2m6yhJLYG_Yksj0Vm1fEegfZXnRNBFPjIXql8xA

We all know family and friends who would be strongly opposed to taking the COVID vaccine, but this leaves a very important question. Will those same people be upset about not traveling overseas for river/ocean going cruises, all-inclusive resorts, or to visit relatives in their native lands?

On Half Moon Cay!

As you know, I love to cruise. I have over 150 days on Holland America Line, over 75 days on Carnival and many days on other cruise lines. I’ve only recently visited all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and will depart soon to TRS Turquesa located in the Dominican Republic. I can’t imagine being limited to traveling to just the United States!

I don’t know if a global “COVID passport” will ever be mandated by the United States, but if so, the travel industry will be damaged immensely. Many Americans will not take the COVID vaccine and will cease traveling overseas.

In any event, I will redouble my efforts to travel, and I hope you will also!

Be sure to stay tuned for my reports from TRS Turquesa, Grand Palladium Punta Cana and TRS Cap Cana!


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