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How to cruise for free, almost.

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I can’t tell you how many times that potential cruise clients will ask me, “If I get a bunch of people to cruise with me, can I go for free?” I’m here to show you how you can cruise for free, well, almost for free!

Nothing beats a cruise vacation, unless, of course, it’s a FREE cruise vacation. Be careful though, nothing in life is totally free! Unfortunately, the public has been mislead about that free cabin if you put a group together!

I’ve had many customers over the years that have earned their way just because they love cruising and are not afraid to talk about it. Cruise Lines will reward Pied Pipers with “almost” free travel just for bringing other friends and family along with them on their vacation. As a Group Leader, you can earn an “almost” free passage on a cruise as well.

Nothing in life is free!

The More You Bring, The More You Earn

Here’s how it works… If you have enough people who are interested in taking a cruise together, then you can earn a “almost” free cruise. The cruise line will award a “almost” free “berth” for every so many cabins your group books. This can be as few as five cabins for longer Caribbean, Alaska and European sailings or as many as eight cabins for shorter cruises. There’s typically no cap on the number of “almost” free beds you can earn, so as long as you keep booking cabins, you group can keep earning “almost” free beds.

Here’s an example of the number of “almost” free beds you could earn if your group booked a 7 Night Caribbean Cruise:

  • 8 cabins (16 guests) traveling = 1 Free Bed (you still pay port fees and taxes!) 
  • 16 cabins (32 guests) traveling = 2 Free Beds (1 free cabin)
  • 24 cabins (48 guests) traveling = 3 Free Beds
  • 32 cabins (64 guests) traveling = 4 Free Beds (2 free cabins)
  • 100 cabins (200 guests) traveling = 12 Free Beds (6 free cabins)

Cruise Lines only award the value (base rate) of the cruise itself.

The group will have to pay for port fees and taxes for this “almost” “free berth”. 

Port fees and taxes can add up to hundreds of dollars!

So you see, nothing in life is free!

Here’s another great article about cruising almost for free from Forbes:


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