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Fight over a cruise deck chair heads to court.

Deck chair hogs

We’ve all seen it, deck chair hogs.

You know the type, people who wake up at the crack of dawn to save prime deck chairs.

They leave hats, towels, the latest Tom Clancy book and other items on deck chairs, then head to breakfast down in the dining room. Hours later they return to enjoy a full day in the sun only steps away from the swimming pool, hot tub or bathroom.

Carnival does have a policy that states if you leave and are not in your chair,  items will be moved.

According to Carnival.com:

“Carnival Cruise Lines has a system designed to ensure that all guests are able to enjoy equal access to sun loungers by preventing seat saving in outdoor deck areas. 

Shipboard team members monitor sun lounge usage and if they observe a seat that contains a towel or personal belongings but appears to be unoccupied, a notification is placed on the chair indicating the current time. If the chair remains unoccupied for 40 minutes, the contents are removed and held for the guest’s safekeeping.

Guests are advised of the system via public address announcements by the cruise director, signage in outdoor deck areas, messages displayed on the Seaside Theater poolside LED screen, as well as notices in ‘Fun Times,’ the daily shipboard newsletter.”

According to news reports, a scuffle ensued on an unnamed cruise ship that caused a person to be injured.

The parties are heading to court to try to receive compensation.

Here’s the deal.

I don’t think that its right to reserve deck chairs just to come back later. It’s wrong for one person to be in the main show lounge 7 hours before the show to reserve 14 front row seats for family members who won’t even show up. It’s inconceivable to me that people will wait in line at guest services for one hour to remove their tips. It blows my mind to see unaccompanied kids running wild all over the ship while mom is in the spa and dad’s rolling 7’s in the casino!

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