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How a popular cruise director stays fit at sea

Carnival’s Matt Mitcham

Anyone who has sailed with Carnival’s Matt Mitcham know he’s an amazing cruise director.

Yeah, he physically fit but an added benefit is that he’s a great guy.

If you’ve ever cruised, you know that it’s tempting to eat everything in sight. Guy’s Burgers, unlimited free sandwiches and pizza and of course the thousands of calories in sugary alcoholic drinks can pack on the pounds.

Speaking as a Navy veteran, we had a very small weight room on board to help us stay fit, but even on the smaller cruise ships, the gyms are really nice.

On all of our cruises, my wife and I make it a point to run at at least thirty minutes each morning on the treadmill. We always try to take the stairs instead of the elevator and we ask our waiter not to bring the bread basket to our table to avoid temptation.

I just read an article from Men’s Health that describes Matt’s vigorous work out routine.

Click on the link below for the full story and be sure to follow Matt on Facebook.




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