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5 tips for cruising during the holidays

Sure, cruising during the holidays sounds great. Time with family, amazing food, no cooking or cleaning, but check out my 5 tips first!

You know that look!

Steer clear of Complainers

Grumpy relatives can spoil a cruise fast. You know the ones! They constantly criticize everything from the service to the temperature of the coffee! Many times these complainers are spending their kids inheritance! I heard a cruise director say at the beginning of one of my cruises, “It constantly amazes me that people travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles, just to complain in a different place!”  If you see, or hear someone complaining, stay clear!

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Beware of the Brats

You can bet your last 3 paychecks that lots of kids will be on holiday cruises!!! Unfortunately, many parents take a vacation from being a parent! Mom is in the spa getting a cellulite wrap, while dad is rolling snake eyes in the casino. Of course, little Timmy is spending hours on end in the hot tub with 15 of his newest kid friends! These kids also love running down those long halls on all decks of the ship, and pressing each button in the elevator! If you see an unruly child, don’t talk to the parent, contact ship’s security.

Let’s have another!

Avoid the Heavy Drinkers

Holidays always seems to bring out the alcoholic in some people. What the heck, I bought the booze package and I’m not only gonna break even, I’m gonna maximize it! Also, I’m not driving, so bottoms up! I’m all for an adult beverage, but keep in mind that some people will go overboard…so to speak!

Buy Travel Insurance

This is a no-brainer. Flight cancelled, lost baggage, break an arm? Travel insurance gives you peace of mind!

Have Fun

You’re on vacation! Try not to overpack, over think or stress out. Enjoy your cruise!

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