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Holland America testing added charge for second entree

Scott and Marty in St. Thomas

I don’t know of anyone on social media that is a bigger fan of Holland America Line than I am, but Cruise Radio (click here) is reporting, “Cruise Line Adds Fee For Second Entree In Main Dining Room.”

I get it; building more and more ships, cutting back on staff and focusing on #multigenerational cruisers. The ongoing chase for more passengers and revenue.

Here’s the dealio. Historically, cruising has been defined as an almost all-inclusive vacation. Yeah, alcohol, etc. is extra, but slick accountants at corporate headquarters have figured out that they need to generate more revenue.

Looking for money!

Specialty restaurants, “premium” wine tastings and beverage packages makes “bean counters” very happy, but they fail to realize that affluent, loyal Holland America guests will get sick and tired of high bills on their sail and sign accounts!

The cost cutting (and added fees) are now becoming common place on cruise ships. They start with low introductory prices on go-karts and photo packages only to raise the price (or discontinue the new promotion) within a few short weeks!

Mixed Reviews on Facebook Groups

I’ve been surprised by the comments on cruise-related Facebook groups.

Many cruisers like myself feel that this so-called “testing period” is a precursor to implementing the $10 fee for the second entree fleet wide.

Others say that we are eating (and wasting) too much food and that we should be happy with just one entree! Last time I checked, my mom lives in Chicago, not on a Facebook cruise group!!!

My mom!

Mark my words, more and more seasoned Holland America Line guests will begin spending their vacation dollars at all-inclusive resorts instead of being nickel and dimed to death on a cruise ship.

Only 10% of Americans have sailed on a cruise. If cruise lines are hoping to attract new passengers, they need to stop with the cost-cutting and added fees! Sadly, we all know that additional cuts and more added fees are on the horizon.

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Voyages

Perhaps Virgin Voyages is on to something! No specialty restaurant fees!







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