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Best Time to Visit Cozumel


According to my friends at Caribeez.com, here are the best months to visit Cozumel:


6 Best Months to Visit

The following list shows the best to worst months to go to Cozumel in order. The two best are March and April at the top. The two worst are October and September at the bottom.

The list is the author’s opinion based on a combination of rain days, total rainfall and most comfortable temperatures. It also considers the best weather for both land and water activities.


6 Worst Months to Visit

The six worst months to go to Cozumel begin with October and followed closely by September because of the drenching rains that hit the island. The summer months of June through August have more rain than normal. But they also have very hot and humid temperatures.


It is important to note that these estimates use averages from years of historical data. An individual month may be better or worse than the average.

Cozumel Rain Days: More Dry, More Drenching

Total rainfall isn’t the only factor to consider when planning a Caribbean vacation that includes Cozumel.

The number of days that it rains during the month also is important, especially for people who like to spend time on the beach.

The chart above using data from the National Water Commission shows that May has only seven rain days on average, which is less than January and about equal to February.

March ties with April at first place with four days each. Both months have the lowest rainfall and fewest rain days combined with warming temperatures. For anyone planning a Cozumel vacation far ahead of time with the freedom to choose when to go, March and April are ideal months for a vacation.

June through October have the most rain days ranging from 12 to 16 with October being the highest.

Even though December has the same total rainfall as May at four inches per month, it has three more days of rain.

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