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CDC requesting public comment regarding cruises

As you’ve probably read in the cruise media and on cruise blogs, the Centers for Disease Control is seeking comments from the public regarding cruising pertaining to the Covid-19:


Those comments are now available online for review.

In addition to being a travel advisor, I’m also a lobbyist. For over 20 years I’ve lobbied at both the state and federal level regarding the benefit of Medicare home healthcare. I’ve also testified before the Small Business Administration and before several congressional committees in Washington, D.C. and Senate Health Care Committee in Tallahassee, Fl.


Members of Congress and governmental agencies rely on public comment in crafting policy decisions. Unfortunately, too many Americans do not express their concerns to the government, which then leads to bad decisions that affect us all.

Many people have asked me if I feel if the CDC is biased against cruising. On one hand, the Covid-19 outbreaks on cruises were unprecedented. It’s one thing to have the dreaded norovirus, but something completely different when people are actually dying of Coronavirus.

On the other hand, all-inclusive resorts like the Palladium Hotel Group have taken steps to ensure their guests and staff stay safe. Frequent temperature checks, increased hand sanitizers throughout the resort and face protection for staff is the model for the cruise industry to follow immediately.

In addition, the Palladium Hotel Group is offer free health insurance to all guests! https://www.thecruisegenius.com/grand-palladium-hotel-group-provides-free-health-insurance/

If everyone who loves to cruise would send a comment to the government, not only complaining about the pause of cruises, but also offer concrete solutions, the CDC may act on those recommendations.

Keep in mind that Covid testing before a cruise, the muster drill, buffets and social distancing procedures are topics that should be addressed in your comments. Also be sure to mention if you are in favor or opposed to passengers wearing masks as this is a hot button issue for everyone.

If you have any questions about the CDC/Federal Register comment process, feel free to email me at slara1961@gmail.com.



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