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Carnival Elation Update

Here’s my latest Carnival Elation update as we are about to pull into Nassau.

Happy Thursday!

I have to say that of all the Carnival cruises I’ve sailed on, this has rated to be one of the best.

Perfect weather!!!!

An old Navy buddy from the 80’s and his wife are sailing on board with me.

We have had a great time catching up from the time we sailed together on the Carnival Sunshine a few years back.

Here are a couple highlights of the past few days.

1. We didn’t have to stand by the lifeboats on deck during the muster drill! I went to the main show lounge, heard the safety briefing (about 30 minutes), then we were dismissed!

2. The crew have been fun and top-notch. Every crew member I’ve met has been very friendly and go the extra mile, especially the ladies at guest services!

3. The food has been perfect! I met the head chef and he was very kind.

4. Cruise Director MarcQ is at the CD conference in Miami, but our cruise director is funny and very approachable.

5. The weather at Half Moon Cay (HMC) was perfect. Lots of people must have watched my YouTube videos about HMC because by 9:30 a.m., the island was packed. I walked down to Captain Morgan’s Bar and was standing on the 2nd deck looking at the ocean. A man asked, “Are you Scott Lara? I’ve watched your videos!”

I am saddened that the ventilation system has not been adequately fixed near the casino. My wife is a lung cancer survivor and 2nd hand cigarette smoke is bad news.

Other than that, this cruise has been amazing and it’s not over yet!

Now, off to the gym!

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