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Boarding the Carnival Elation

I always get a kick out of my friend Doug Parker of Cruise Radio https://cruiseradio.net/ when he reports, “15 minutes from the pier to the ship” when he sails on cruises.

So I timed it for myself at the beginning of this 5 day cruise on the Carnival Elation.

I only live 15 minutes from JaxPort, so the drive time doesn’t count. I parked across the street from the  port at The Parking Mall which is less expensive than parking at JaxPort.

A few minutes later, I caught the shuttle for the quick 5 minute ride to the pier.

Start the clock!

The time is 10:50 a.m.

I’m Platinum level VIFP so boom, quick check of my boarding pass by the greeter and through security in less than 5 minutes.

Then to the check in counter and boom, done.

Quickly avoiding the photographers, next stop, Carnival Elation.

A few steps up to the Rivera deck and opening my cabin door.

Time is 11:05 a.m.

15 minutes from pier to the cabin door.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!




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