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Cancun Airport Health Questionnaire

New Health Questionnaire

I just learned that the Cancun airport is requiring everyone complete a health questionnaire when arriving and leaving Cancun.

You will want to complete this form when you have a great wi-fi signal!

From what I remember when I was there last August, the wi-fi isn’t all that great at the Cancun airport!

I suggest you complete this online health questionnaire from home or your departure airport (on the day you fly to Cancun) and from your hotel in Cancun (the day you fly back homeone form per person). 

The date is preset so you can’t fill out the form weeks in advance of your trip to and from Cancun!

Here’s the link to the form: Cancun Health Questionnaire Form

Once you complete the online health questionnaire form, the form below pops up with your information.

Be sure to take a screen shot of the form below to show the airport official!


Take a screen shot of your completed health questionnaire form and save it to your phone! 

See you in Cancun!

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