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Asia continues to grow in popularity with the cruise ship industry

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I’ve always wondered why the newest cruise ships begin their careers in Asia.

These billion dollar cruise ships have the latest bells and whistles, yet cruise line executives make the decision to send them to Asia!

I’ve read many articles that quote cruise line leaders stating that Asia is a huge opportunity for the industry, yet time after time, Americans are deprived of these experiences.

We all know that stockholders demand big dividend checks, and that only 10% of Americans have taken a cruise vacation.

I’ve heard that some cruise lines are pulling ships from Asia because the growth wasn’t as expected!

If Asians have a ton of disposable income, great, go ahead and spend money to pay for these billon dollar ships, but in the future, I hope these ships come to America.

In the meantime, I believe Americans will continue to cruise out of Jacksonville, Galveston, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Seniors, newlyweds, couples, and people who enjoy theme cruises will continue to sail on Carnival, Holland America Line and on other brands.

Cruising is the most affordable vacation option out there, especially for families.

While all-inclusive resort vacations continue to gain in popularity, cruising remains popular because of the low cost.

Considering that most cruisers have attained high loyalty recognition, their perks have increased, which brings them back time after time.

Cruise websites like Cruise Radio continue to bring the cruising experience to both seasoned cruise ship fans and to newbies alike.

Click on the link below for the story about cruise lines in Asia, and be sure to enjoy your next cruise!


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