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5 top tips for your 1st cruise vacation

Hi, I’m Scott Lara, aka, “The Cruise Genius.”

With over 150 days on Holland America Line, 75 days on Carnival cruise line, and many days on Norwegian, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, I have unique insight on cruising.

It’s interesting that so many people want to save a few bucks on their cruise vacation by booking online or directly with the cruise line, only to ask hundreds of questions on Facebook groups!

That’s why travel agents like myself can give you super-secret tips that can save you stress and frustration!

Dad and Timmy!

1. Lay down ground rules for your kids

Tell them to stay off their phones and enjoy the fun (and food) of the ship! Meet new friends and rekindle family bonding. Remind them not to run down those long halls, no cutting in front of adults in line at the Lido buffet, and don’t hog the hot tubs! Be sure to tell them that they are required to come to dinner each night and enjoy a “Leave it to Beaver” family meal!


2. Be prepared for the metal detector

Have you EVER gone through airport security? HELLO! You will go through a metal detector when you arrive at the cruise port. Be courteous to other passengers by putting jewelry, cell phones, iPads, etc. in your carry on luggage so you don’t have to empty your pockets in the metal detector line. We all want to get on the ship as fast as possible!

I’m a pepper, you’re a pepper.

3. Soda and water

My wife is a big soda drinker and I like bottled water. Unfortunately Carnival will only allow each person to bring a 12 pack of canned drinks PER PERSON as CARRY ON luggage. You are prohibited from carrying on bottled water! On other cruise lines, pack bottled water and sodas in a copy paper box. Throw a luggage tag on the box and “check it” curbside! Your beverages will be delivered to your cabin later in the day!


4. Don’t be a deck chair hog

Many cruisers wake up VERY early and put towels and books on prime deck chairs to SAVE them for later! Don’t be one of these abusers!



O Can you hear me now?

5. You can avoid a high cell phone bill

A recent news report stated that a teen wracked up a cell phone to the tune of $14,000! Remember that you can avoid a HUGE cell phone bill when you get home if you contact your cellular carrier BEFORE you leave home. Get the details from your cell phone carrier on how to save money on texting and phone calls while you are on your cruise vacation. In addition. tell your kids that the phone goes in the safe!

Please share my cruise tips with family and friends, then email me at slara1961@gmail.com to book your next cruise vacation!






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