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3 ways to get the perfect cruise cabin

Everyone wants “the perfect” cabin!

Speaking as a member of the travel media and as a travel agent, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 1000 times; how do I get “the perfect” cruise ship cabin?

Book Early

Back in the day, you could wait until the 2 weeks before the ship sails to call your travel agent and shout, “I want cabin R123 on the Holland America MS Laradam (if they ever name a ship after me). Of course R123 is not too far from the elevator, but not too close to the forward bow thruster! The fact of the matter is that everyone who has sailed on the Laradam, and are 3 star Mariners (or above) know that cabin R123 is a whopping 20 square feet larger than every other cabin on R deck!!!


When a client calls me 2 weeks before sailing and says, “just get me on the ship”, I kindly remind them that most of the remaining cabins are not prime cabins! You will be under the Lido deck where you will hear the deck chairs moving around above your head, you will be near the anchor, or near bow thrusters that are used for maneuvering in and out of port.

Be Reasonable

A very close friend of mine says, “You don’t always get what you pay for, but don’t expect something that you didn’t pay for!”  

In short, if you want to pay a Motel 6 price, don’t expect Ritz-Carlton accommodations (or service!).

I can’t tell you how many people have called me two weeks before a ship sails wanting bargain basement prices, yet want a prime cabin location!!!

All bets are off

If you’re person who is looking for a “steal of a deal”, just remember that all bets are off. Travel agents like myself will do everything we can to get you the best price and a great cabin, but keep in mind someone else probably booked that prime cabin 3 years ago. They probably paid a higher price, but they will come home happy!


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