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3 tips for stress free cruise check in

Boarding pass

If you’re like me, you want a stress free experience when boarding your cruise! You’ve been waiting for months to enjoy your cruise vacation with family and friends and you don’t want a hiccup at the cruise terminal!

Tip #1 Ensure that the name on your passport (birth certificate) matches the exact name on your boarding pass

United States Passport

Nothing will send up a red flag with the cruise port staff faster is if the name on your passport (birth certificate) doesn’t exactly match the name on your boarding pass. Many people, including myself, go by our middle names. This is great at family reunions, but don’t try it when trying to board your cruise! Cruise port staff are required to ensure that names match on official documents! My wife doesn’t have a passport, so I always bring our marriage license along with her birth certificate just in case a cruise port worker brings up the fact that her maiden name doesn’t match her married name! Yeah, her Florida drivers license should suffice, but better safe than sorry! Don’t want to be #leftbehind!

Tip #2 Be prepared for security!


Have you EVER gone through airport security? HELLO! You will go through a metal detector when you arrive at the cruise port. Be courteous to other passengers by putting jewelry, cell phones, iPads, etc. in your carry on luggage so you don’t have to empty your pockets in the metal detector line. We all want to get on the ship as fast as possible!

Tip #3 Be chill!

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Voyages

How many people do you know that get worked up over the littlest thing? The best advice I can give you is to relax. I want to get on the ship as bad as you do. I want to get my cruise vacation started as soon as possible. Don’t be the jerk who makes a scene, starts screaming and demands to see a supervisor! If you chill, everything will work out just fine!

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A cruise experience you will never forget!

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