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You can afford a cruise vacation

Scott and Marty enjoying another Holland America Line cruise

Speaking as a travel agent, several of my friends tell me, “I just can’t afford to cruise.” By making a decision to save weekly, you can afford to cruise!

The fact of the matter is that cruises have become more expensive over the last few years. Ships have become larger with more bells and whistles. Now you have cruise ships with onboard breweries, go-kart tracks and bumper cars!

There are so many choices of cruise vacations. You can choose a family friendly cruise, cruises with fellow senior citizens and everything in between. Theme cruises like, “The Groove Cruise” and “The Country Cruise” caters to a unique demographic! There’s even a “Star Trek Cruise!”

If you’re serious about taking your first cruise, check out the table below. Get started with your first paycheck in 2019 to save for your cruise vacation. Feel free to email me at slara1961@gmail.com to book your cruise vacation!


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