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World Travel & Tourism Council announces Safe & Seemless travel guidelines


Prevuemeetings.com is reporting “The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has laid out its new guidelines, Safe & Seamless Travel, following medical evidence to ensure safe travel in the new normal.

The WTTC guidelines will ensure that the travel sector is given an extensive framework to help governments and private businesses work in collaboration to create aligned testing and contact tracing. It is predicted that testing, contact tracing, and health certificates will become the new norm.

The initiative is part of the WTTC’s Safe and Seamless Traveler Journey (SSTJ), which aims to enable a seamless, safe, and secure end-to-end traveler experience including flights and non-air travel.

It includes systematic biometric verified identification during the journey, for long haul and international travel, replacing manual verifications.“

The tourism industry has been hit very hard during the Coronavirus pandemic. Cruiselines, hotels, airlines, travel advisors and all-inclusive resorts have suffered billions in lost revenue.

All stakeholders must continue to work with government entities to develop policies and procedures for safe travel.

The Cruise Genius!

The Grand Palladium hotel group, working with government authorities, have developed such protocols: Palladium Hotel Group’s New System of Health and Safety Protocols

As we all move forward to the so-called, “new normal”, the travel industry is poised for a strong return.


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