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Will the cruise lines recover

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Voyages

Not a day goes by when we are hearing stories of cruise ships not being allowed into port, cruise stock prices tanking, or cruise ships polluting our environment. It leaves the question of, “Will The Cruise Lines Recover?”

My answer is yes. Clearly, the Coronavirus has perpetuated the theory that cruise ships are, “floating Petri dishes”, but I contend that cruises are fun, affordable and family-friendly.

Unpack only once

My favorite two things about cruises is that you unpack only once and that you pretty much wake up in a different port of call everyday. Granted, when I visited two amazing all-inclusive resorts near Cancun over the last year and a half, I unpacked only once, yet I woke up at the same resort each day.

TRS Coral, Costa Mujeres

The Grand Palladium resorts in Riviera Maya and Costa Mujeres are amazing. Free wi-fi, unlimited liquor, water and sodas and luxurious large accommodations are the high points of a true all-inclusive resort experience. You would pay thousands of dollars on a cruise to get those perks.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these resorts, among others, have been closed until the tourism industry rebounds. Thousands of hard working staff have been laid off, most likely without pay.

My butler “Omar” at TRS Coral.

As you may know, I have sailed over 150 days on Holland America Line, over 75 days on Carnival and many days on NCL and Royal Caribbean.

My family (@TheCruiseKid) and I are looking forward to the days again where we will be cruising on calm blue seas and I am able to share my voyages on my YouTube channel.

I want to thank everyone who has booked cruises with me in the past, and it won’t be long before I reserve your next cruise vacation.

Email me at slara1961@gmail.com and say hi!

Scott Lara #TheCruiseGenius

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