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Travel Agent or Personal Vacation Planner?

The Cruise Genius (Scott Lara)

I was just looking at a Facebook page where someone asked which is better, a travel agent or a personal vacation planner?

The responses came in highly in favor of personal vacation planners!

Here’s the dealio.

I highly respect personal vacation planners (PVP’s) who are employees of the cruise lines. I applaud their customer service skills, the ability to ensure the guest gets a great deal and millions of dollars of on board credit AND the very best cabin location!

Speaking as a travel agent, I can say that chances are I’ve probably sailed on the ship (or at least the class of ship) the guest is interested in. Can you say that about a PVP or the guy at Costco???

With over 600,000 views on my YouTube channel, I provide super-secret tips that no vacation planner can even dream to be able to share with their clients!

Super-secret tip for Half Moon Cay! 

When you see cruisers ask 10,423 questions on Facebook roll call groups about their upcoming cruise, you can bet that they didn’t book with a travel agent.

My final thought is this; Why wouldn’t someone support a locally-owned and operated travel agency in favor of the personal vacation planner employed by the cruise line?

Will the PVP save them thousands of dollars or give better service than the local travel agency?

Can Costco give cruisers amazing savings over your local travel agent?

Will anyone give you super-secret tips like a travel agent can?

We live in a free country and if someone is just plain in love with their PVP, great.

That gives me and other travel agents more incentive to earn your business, but please, if you book with a PVP, ask THEM your 8745 questions.

If you book with a PVP, check out my YouTube channel and enjoy all my tips.

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You’re welcome.

Has your PVP given cruise tips on local tv stations?

Scott Lara, The Cruise Genius


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