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Travel Agent or online site to book your cruise?

Everyone and their brother is looking for the cheapest way to book a cruise.

I get it!

A very close friend told me, “You don’t always get what you pay for, but don’t expect something that you didn’t pay for.”

Here are the facts:

Travel agents are paid by the cruise line, not the customer.

Travel agents can get the same rates as if you would call the cruise line directly.

If you have 3026 questions about your cruise, just try getting help from an online site!

Travel agents like myself have probably sailed on the cruise ship you want to book!

Lastly, travel agents have super-secret tips that “personal vacation planners” just don’t have.

It’s your choice, book online, call the cruise line directly or book a cruise with me.

I can guarantee you that I can provide you great value and knowledge that the others can’t match.

Be sure to search “Scott Lara” on YouTube to see many of my super-secret cruise tips, then email or message me with the dates you want to cruise!

Scott Lara

“The Cruise Genius”




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