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The Cruise Genius on WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville

The Cruise Genius (Scott Lara)

As you probably know, since 2012,  I’ve been branding my cruise knowledge on social media as ScottLara1961.

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and my website all revolved around my name.

It was great to be recognized on cruise ships by name, even though my wife Marty didn’t like it when women would walk up to me, (usually in a bathing suit) and say, “You’re Scott Lara, right?”

Several weeks ago, two of my friends approached me about rebranding the ScottLara1961 brand to something different.

I originally came up with the cruise ninja, but one of my friends didn’t like it.

That’s when The Cruise Genius became a reality due to a suggestion from local Jacksonville radio personality Doctor Drake.

I’ve started the work to build a new website, change my Twitter handle, add an Instagram handle and other behind the scenes SEO stuff.

Here’s my interview from today’s WJXT Channel 4 Morning show, including my new branding as The Cruise Genius.


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