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The Cruise Genius on News4Jax

TheCruiseGenius on News4Jax

Once again, TheCruiseGenius was invited to share my thoughts on the Florida cruise lawsuit, test cruises and more on News4Jax in Jacksonville.

TV interviews are always interesting. I don’t know what the questions are before the live interview, so I do my best to study up on current cruise and travel issues. Yes, I do submit a few “talking points” to the producer a few days before the interview, but you never know when a last minute topic may come up!

The TV reporters I’ve worked with over the years have been friendly, professional and respectful.

News4Jax reporter Zachery Lashway

After my interview this am at the tv station, anchor Zac Lashway texted me and asked if we could do a followup “stand-up” interview. Zac and his camera person stopped by my church and we did a quick interview that will air later on tonight.

Click on the YouTube video below for my a.m. interview and stay tuned for my follow-up interview. Special thanks to Zac and News4Jax for the opportunity to share my perspective on cruises and travel!



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