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Passengers reject $10,000 offer from JetBlue


If you’ve flown for any length of time, you may have been sitting in an airport waiting for your flight to who knows where. The next thing you know, you hear a loud voice over the loudspeaker saying, “This flight is overbooked. We are looking for volunteers to take a later flight. We will offer you a voucher for $100.00.” What’s interesting is that passengers about to fly to Cancun were offered $10,000 to take a later flight, and no one said yes!

TheCancunSun is reporting, “A video went viral on TikTok in which the airline JetBlue was offering $10,000 for any passengers willing to give up their seats. This happened during a flight to Cancun, and the conundrum lasted for 45 minutes.

The airline firstly proposed a flight credit with no specific value, but none of the passengers were willing to give up their seats. To cut a deal, a proposal of $10,000 was announced. Many would think it’s a wonderful opportunity to change flights (maybe even upgrade to first class), and still have some spare left to buy other flights or flight products as you will. But surprisingly that’s not what happened.

According to the passenger on the video, the whole deal went on and on but no one took the offer. Even though the flight was not cleared to leave, it took some time to fix the situation before the airplane could finally touch the skies on it’s way to Cancun, which is becoming a very popular holiday destination among young Americans with the Cancun International Airport welcoming more than 7 million passengers already in the first quarter, and is now becoming one of the busiest in the world.

Here’s the big question, if you were offered $10,000 to take a later flight to Cancun, would you take it, or hold out for more cash? Click on the link below to read, “The rest of the story…”


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