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Palladium Vallarta Family Selection Day 1

The weather looks great in Puerto Vallarta

I’m starting off 2021 with a week long visit to the beautiful Palladium Vallarta all-inclusive resort! I’ve been upgraded to the Family Selection part of the resort which has exclusive benefits for adults and kids.

The Family Selection Program with the Palladium Hotel Group raises the bar, with unique family amenities for their “hotel within a hotel” concept, especially for the “Family Bosses” and their parents. Since I have two grandsons, I know they will love a travel experience that caters to them!

I started off “Day 1” with a 7:00 a.m. flight out of Jacksonville, Fl. I paid the extra $25 to obtain “Early Bird” check-in with Southwest Airlines for two reasons. First of all, I don’t want to be watching the clock to check-in exactly 24 hours prior to take off. Early Bird check-in automatically checks you in 36 hours prior! Secondly, you usually get a better seat than you would get normally.

I was in boarding group A on both flights and sat in row 1 with plenty of legroom!


Flying in to Puerto Vallarta was breathtaking. This is my first time visiting this region of Mexico, and I can’t wait to return.

I’ve arrived!

Words and pictures don’t fully describe the beauty of the Palladium Vallarta resort.

Upon stepping out of the car from the airport, I was given a welcome drink and a sample of the unique culture of this part of our world!

My grandfather was born near Guadalajara, Mexico, so seeing and hearing the singers and dancers of Palladium Vallarta was emotional for me. My grandfather told me about the culture of Mexico, but seeing it first-hand was overwhelming.

After checking in to the hotel in the exclusive Family Selection lobby, I was taken to my junior suite, just steps away from the swimming pool.

Then off to “The Nest” for lunch!

After lunch, I took a walk over to the Travel Club Terrace of the resort. Check out my Facebook page for my live video and details about the Travel Club. I will say the view from the terrace is awesome for whale watching!

Later on in the day, I walked over to the Italian restaurant, Portofino and enjoyed an amazing dinner!

Here’s the dealio. I would have ordered the lasagna, but the chef told me he made a special order of salmon just for me. Who am I to say no to the chef? The salmon was absolutely perfect! I can also tell my wife I was able to get my Omega 3!

I guess it was about 9 p.m. and I wanted to check out the sports bar. I’m glad I did, This is the perfect venue for a snack and fun! Yes, I had a hamburger and fries. 

That’s day 1 of my visit to the incredible Palladium Vallarta Family Selection resort. Stay tuned to all my social media channels for updates, and thanks for being along for the ride!



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