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Palladium Riviera Maya Update Day 4

Day 4 here at the beautiful Grand Palladium Riviera Maya and neighboring TRS Yucatán and I’m overwhelmed. I’ve said it 1000 times, the spacious luxury accommodations, incredible food, perfectly landscaped grounds, and attentive staff makes a Palladium vacation unlike any other. The lobby of TRS Yucatán definitely has the “wow factor!”

I want to briefly share some details about the Palladium Travel Club.

According to the Palladium Travel Club website, “The Palladium Travel Club family is made up of thousands of people who are passionate about travel and take advantage of each vacation period to live unforgettable experiences with family and friends in paradisiacal surroundings, always with the confidence of feeling at home in our resorts.”

Here’s the dealio. If you love to travel, joining the Palladium Travel Club will give you exclusive benefits. Free round trip transportation from the airport to the resort, Palladium “Money” to purchase certain items, and free excursions. In addition, you receive priority check-in privileges and a ton of other benefits. Most importantly, you truly become a member of the Palladium family!

For more information about the Travel Club, feel free to email me at slara1961@gmail.com or check out the website here: https://www.palladiumtravelclub.com/en/

I did receive the free antigen Covid test today here at the White Sand resort. Only one nostril was tested and seriously, it wasn’t that bad. I would advise you to get to the testing location at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. A family with 7 family members, including kids, were in front of me and I waited for a short time to be tested.

Thanks again to MilitaryFares.com and to TraficTours.com for making this trip possible.

I’m heading to Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres on Thursday! Stay tuned!


Remember this video from TRS Cap Cana? The people of Palladium are the reason I keep coming back. 






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