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Palladium Riviera Maya Update Day 3

The amazing staff at Sumptouri

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of my visit to Palladium Riviera Maya (and TRS Yucatán!) Today has definitely been a day of food and relaxation! One of the best features of a vacation at any Palladium Hotel Group resort is the almost unlimited options of food choices!

The best thing to do is download the Palladium App for iPhone to see all the restaurants and menus! If you have an android device, search your App Store for the link. Keep in mind that some of the restaurants are open on a rotating basis due to occupancy levels at the resort. That’s ok because you will be able to experience greater food options at a Palladium resort than you would on any cruise ship, and it’s all-included! No charge! Zero, Zip, Nada!

So far, I’ve eaten dinner at La Boheme, Sumptouri and El Gaucho! Each dinner experience was perfect. The food, ambiance, and service was amazing.

I’ve also enjoyed breakfast at Helios (TRS Yucatán), and at La Dalia (Grand Palladium!)

*Before I go to the pictures and videos, thanks again to MilitaryFares.com and to TraficTours.com for making this trip possible.*


*Stay tuned for more updates! Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres on Thursday!*




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