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MSC Opera crashes into pier

Scene out of the movie Speed 2

Right out of the movie, “Speed 2”, the MSC Opera seemed to be out of control as she crashed into a pier and a small tourist ship in Venice.

The DailyStar.co.uk is reporting, “The MSC Opera blasted its horn while it ploughed into the dock, but four people have been injured when it crashed into a smaller tourist ship – the “Michelangelo”.

Italian media reported that the terrifying incident happened in the Giudecca canal this morning at 8.30am, at the San Basilio dock.

At first, tourists on the dock merely jog away from the colossal ship, but as it becomes apparent it is not going to stop they speed up.”


News.com.au is also reporting,

“Tourists have been filmed running along a wharf seconds before an out of control cruise ship crashes into it.

The footage, from the San Basilio cruise terminal in Venice, was captured about 8.30am Sunday local time, Italian media reported.

It showed the MSC Opera’s air horn sounding as it careened into the wharf, collecting a local tourist boat in the process.

The MSC Opera scraped along the dockside, its engine blaring, before knocking into the Michelangelo tourist boat.”

Two people were injured in the accident in the Venice’s Giudecca Canal, a major thoroughfare that leads to Saint Mark’s Square, according to the media reports.”


Click on both links above for videos and further info.

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