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Mexican Tourist Cards and How to Get One

Courtesy of TripSavvy.com

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Mexico, and I just learned that you need to get a Mexico Tourist Card when entering the country!

TripSavvy.com says, “A tourist card, also called an FMM (“Forma Migratoria Múltiple,” previously referred to as an FMT), is a tourist permit that is required for all foreign citizen travelers to Mexico who will not be engaged in any type of remunerated work. Tourist cards may be valid for up to 180 days and allow the holder to remain in Mexico as a tourist for the allotted time. Be sure to hold on to your tourist card and keep it in a safe place, as you will need to hand it in when you are departing the country. Foreign nationals who will be working in Mexico are required to obtain a work visa from the National Immigration Institute (INM).

Tourist Cards

There is a fee of about $24 USD for a tourist card. If you are traveling by air or on a cruise, the fee for your tourist card is included in the cost of your trip, and you will be given the card to fill out. If you are traveling over land you can pick up a tourist card at your point of entry or from a Mexican consulate before your departure. In this case, you will need to make the payment for your tourist card at a bank after your arrival in Mexico.

Upon arrival in Mexico, you will present the filled-in tourist card to the immigration official who will stamp it and write in the number of days that you are allowed to stay in the country. The maximum is 180 days or 6 months, but the time actually given is at the discretion of the immigration official (often only 30 to 60 days are granted initially), for longer stays, the tourist card would need to be extended.

Click on the link below to see how you can fill out the form online and save some stress!





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