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Here’s you chance to buy a cruise ship

Speaking as a U.S. Navy veteran, I’ve always loved sailing on the ocean blue. Keep in mind that Navy ships are built for battle, not comfort, but when I read that a cruise ship is up for sale, I had to consider it!

Sir Richard

Just like Sir Richard Branson has been able to build his own brand of cruise ships, now you have the opportunity to do likewise, but you will have to outbid me, and probably a few other interested parties.


When you buy a corporate jet like Rush Limbaugh’s Gulfstream G-550, it’s not just the cost of the plane! Consider the cost of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance, hangar cost, and most importantly, fuel cost in the total price of “ownership.”

The same will apply if you purchase a cruise ship. Crew, maintenance, docking fees, food and fuel costs will add up quickly!

Click on the link below for the full story, and see you onboard my new ship!




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