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Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort Day 1

TheCruiseGenius heading to Jamaica! 

Over the last 12 months, I’ve had the honor of experiencing the amazing resorts of the Palladium Hotel Group! Each of the resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic are unique in their own way.

I appreciate the opportunity to now bring you pictures, video, and my insight from the beautiful Grand Palladium Jamaica and Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resorts in Lucea, Jamaica!

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton

I’m going to begin with my 7:30 a.m. flight from Jacksonville to Montego Bay.

Delta Flight Attendant Lasandra

I met Lasandra on the plane and briefly talked to her. She was very kind, and I told her I was going to make her famous. I took her picture and shared it on Twitter.

As we were about 15 minutes from landing, she handed me the postcard below. It’s humbling when you try to be kind to someone, it always comes back to you! What a great way to start this trip!

Next stop, Montego Bay!


Club Mobay

We all know how it is traveling to a different country, especially if you’re with your family. Lots of confusion, questions and distractions. Club Mobay solves all of those problems!

As you walk down the jetway at the Montego Bay Airport, you’re greeted by a happy concierge that will walk you through the entire arrival process! I highly recommend Club Mobay because it made the whole arrival process care-free, and I’m looking forward to experiencing it on my departure this coming Sunday.

For all the details on Club Mobay, click the link below:


Next, I met Derron with Major One Tours

Derron is a true professional! During our 30 minute ride from the airport to Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton, he shared interesting facts about Jamaica, tours and experiences Major One Tours provides, and his personal story with me. Derron is a young man who’s bringing his passion to his clients, and I’ll tell you, his life is inspiring!

If you’re coming to a Jamaica, Derron will take care of you! The best thing about Major One Tours is that it is personal transfer service, meaning it’s just you or your family in the van!

You’re not waiting for other folks for a “shared ride!” 

Book with Derron by clicking on the link below:


Then I arrived at Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton!

A special welcoming ceremony!

You can see the full video on my Facebook page, but I’ll say the singers and dancers are amazing! I even met Raggs!


Friends forever! My grandsons are huge fans! 

After checking in, I arrived in my luxurious accommodations!

Next, I walked around the resort, ate some Jerk Chicken, relaxed for a short time, then to dinner at El Dorado!


Stay tuned for more pictures, video and commentary from Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton!


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