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Frontier airlines confusing add ons

Cancun Airport
Cancun Airport

We all know that the so-called discount airlines have crazy add on fees for seats, baggage and priority boarding. I wanted to share with you how Frontier airlines has confusing add ons, and hope it’s helpful  to you.

“The Works” and “The Perks”

According to Frontier, “The WORKS℠ is exclusively available at the initial time of your booking at flyfrontier.com and is not available from third parties. By bundling all the travel extras you get the best value!

The PERKS℠ is available after your initial booking and can be added even if your flight was purchased from a third party. You can also add it when checking into your flight. This bundle does not include refundability or change flights like the WORKS℠ 

The problem is that if you just pay the fee for a carry on bag, and you want to upgrade to “The Perks” at a later date, in theory the amount you paid for the carry on should be deducted from the price of “The Perks.”

Unfortunately, Frontier may just give you a “travel credit” instead of deducting the cost of the bags you already purchased!

I’ve experienced this first hand and I’m not happy!

Be sure to buy “The Works” when you originally buy your Frontier airline ticket, or you may be in store for aggravation because you paid too much! Chances are you won’t use the “travel credit” they give you.

*Update! After communicating with several customer service reps on Frontier’s Twitter account, “Wilson” personally rectified the problem with my reservation!*

Click on the link below for the info on The Works and The Perks:



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