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First time cruise ship passengers spends four months and $160,000 at sea

Courtesy of afr.com

We’ve all heard the stories of “Super Mario” (the day trader who sails year round on Royal Caribbean) and Lee Wachtstetter, an 86-year-old Florida widow who sails 365 days a year on the Crystal Serenity.

AFR.com has a great story about a couple who has never cruised before and dropped some major bank for their first cruise.

“Having never done a cruise before, I’d like to say it was the list of exotic destinations (Borneo, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and so on) that prompted my husband Barry and I to lay down $160,000 on a 102-day world journey as our very first cruise experience. But that isn’t entirely true.

To be honest, when I spotted in the fine print that daily laundry was included, that clinched the deal. I’d never seen myself as a cruise person, but what woman doesn’t want her laundry taken off her hands each day, expertly washed, then returned to her wardrobe, folded and pressed?”

Free laundry, that’s what sealed the deal?

If John Heald, senior cruise director of Carnival cruise line (or any other cruise industry “beard” is reading this post, YES! People sail for the perks!

I’m glad that this couple chose to take a cruise for their vacation.

There are many options out there including all-inclusive resorts (please see my most recent posts) which offer free, unlimited top shelf liquor, free shore excursions, quality entertaintent and accommodations that are larger than almost any cruise luxury suite.

They probably also chose this cruise because of the amazing itinerary.

Click on the link below for the full story:


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