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Elvis Tribute Cruise!

A cruise experience you will never forget!

Many times people ask me, “Scott, will I get a better cruise deal if I wait until closer to the sail date?”

The answer is, “it depends.”

The fact of the matter is the best selection of cabins (and the “Cruising With The King” experience) is a year before the sail date!

Sure, you can wait until a month before the sail date, but your cabin will be by the anchor, bow thruster or underneath the Lido deck (deck chairs moving back and forth at 2 a.m.).

If you want a good cabin location and to get your seat for Cruising With The King before it’s sold out, email me today at slara1961@gmail.com

For more info about the Elvis Tribute cruise on 2/1/20, you can also go to http://www.CruisingWithTheKing.com





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