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Deceptive pricing misleads cruise passengers

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A day doesn’t go by when a potential cruise customer tells me about a lower cruise fare they saw online than what I quoted them! Deceptive pricing on many websites misleads cruise passengers everyday.

Customers don’t realize that the low-ball prices they see online are most likely for the tiniest and least desirable cabin on the ship!

Wanna stay here?

Keep in mind when you see that “too good to be true” price online, you will probably be staying in a cabin with a “upper-lower/bunk bed”, not a typical inside cabin.

This is what you really wanted!

That’s how online sites gets the phones to ring!!!

Once the rep explains that the low-ball price is for an undesirable cabin (near the anchor or bow thrusters), the customer gets upsold to a nicer cabin!

Keep in mind that travel agents like myself live on word of mouth referrals. We offer our clients the best price, best location and best cabin in your budget. If we fail, we know we won’t get repeat business! It’s in our best interest to make our clients happy!

Remember that if you want a inexpensive deposit and rate, a “guarantee” cabin is the best way to go. A guarantee means that you will get a cabin in that category, but you won’t get a specific cabin assignment unless you are willing to pay a higher price!

Cruise lines know that if you’re serious about sailing, people are willing to pay more for that so-called “perfect cabin!” You know the one..not too close to the elevator but not too far away from the dining room!

My favorite client is the one who says, “just get me on the ship!”

I always tell them that I can do it, but all bets are off. If you get a cheap cabin, chances are you will be directly under the dining room, by the anchor or bow thruster! You could even end up very near the show lounge or casino!

A close friend of mine has a saying, “You don’t always get what you pay for, but don’t expect something that you didn’t pay for.”

Don’t be misled by low-ball prices online for cruises. You will be disappointed each and every time!

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